JohnPC's perl stuff unleashed on the net

Sometimes when I write perl programs I am cruel enough to test them on a live internet population instead of testing in nuclear free shelters on dead rabbits... enjoy...

The *new* Net::Ident version 1.20. The manpage is also online.
(old) perl4 library for ident lookups. Superseded by Net::Ident
Text::Striphigh module, to convert ISO-8859-1 characters in a string to similar-looking normal 7-bits ASCII characters.
Create persistent multidimensional arrays/hashes.
Very basic mutual exclusion implementation. Hardly worth looking at.
Simple generic database implementation. Actually more a proof-of-concept generic database interface, waiting for a better implementation. This one is based on DB_File.
Example programs that I used in the perl speach for the NLLGG
LWP::Daemon is a LWPng replacement for HTTP::Daemon. This is pre-alpha, beware.
backup a netapp with amanda
I've used a /sbin/dump perl wrapper to perform dumps of our netapp toaster via amanda.
A simplistic tool that warns you about RSI when you work too long without taking a break. Requires linux, and Tk.