Stats are almost running regularly now

The wwwstat program has had a complete refit! I have worked around the memory limitation, and it is much better now. I can now control the memory usage somewhat, it seems to use upto 30Mb now, but usually around 20Mb. I could lower that amount, but that'd make it slower...

As of 15 November, the program is being run regularly every six hours, to be precise at 0:10, 6:10, 12:10 and 18:10.

I might diverge from this scheme when I'm modifying the program, but it shouldn't make much of a difference. When you want to know when the program was last run, simply look at my statistics page. You will find there the date that the statistics have last been updated.

Because the www server itself is now writing access log files which contain only numeric IP addresses, all domains are currently shown as, for example Bnet132-45. This means you had accesses from hosts with the IP numbers 132.45.*.*. Converting this back to readable domains is one of the issues now... (DNS gurus, your comments are welcome)

New features

The complete description of the statistics features will always contain everything, but it's a drag going through all of that looking for things that changed or improved since last time you looked. Recent changes and improvements can be found in the list below.

Suggested improvements

I've had a lot of suggestions for improvement. Not all suggestions are immediately possible, others are very necessary, others are impossible or too expensive. I will try to indicate if or when a feature might be added.

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