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Note: new PGP key as of June 2014.

Want to block the sobig-F worm using rules? Look at the file that you can drop into your (or include via: include(`').)

In my completely unavailable spare time I might do some work on the WWW stats... Read this if you want to know how to create your own stats (if you are on XS4ALL).

(the cgi-programming for dummies FAQ)

Here is some perl stuff that I wrote. (perl rocks! :)

In a very ancient history I once wrote a MS-Dos program called Dislite. I now distribute the source.

I've recently done some inn patching

On the HIP, I've given a lecture on reading Mail and Usenet News headers. The slides of that lecture are now online.

At YAPC::Europe 2001 I held a talk about anonymous elections in perl. The slides and code are now online.

At the HCC 1999, XS4ALL held a Internet Trivia Quiz. This Quiz is now online, complete with all sources.

At the Dutch Perl Workshop 2006, I held a talk about POE. The source of the irc-bot that I explained there, is now online.

I hate spam. To combat it, I'm using a personalised procmail filter. Take a look at my live .procmailrc here. (Referenced files: urlwrap.sed and rfc3676-urlwrap.sed) petition banner

Detail from an add of TheLinuxStore Say YES to Open Source I use PuTTY to escape from this crap if it's the only thing around
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